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TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! About our coffee, or about your day with our coffee, or what life would be like if you didn't have our coffee.......get the picture? Good!

Quotes ARRRRR....The Perfect Storm is the perfect blend! Great smooth flavor and no after taste. I'm a seasonal coffee drinker, I drink more in the Fall and Winter months. I don't like strong coffee and this blend was the PERFECT CUP OF JOE! Thanks Misti & Larry for a great start to my day! I can't wait for my husband to try it this weekend, he is the coffee connoisseur. Quotes
Customer, Friend, Seasonal Coffee Drinker

Quotes Blackburn Coffee is fantastic!! It's as good as Peet's which I order every month but I'd much rather order from you guys. Really really rich and smooth. I'm happy! Got the caffeine buzz goin' on! Great job!! Quotes
New Glosta Joe's Recruit

Quotes I love the Blackburn as I like my coffee strong, but the Perfect Storm is great for the afternoon. Just enough pep to get me through the late afternoon without keeping me wired all night! Quotes
Happy Coffee Drinker

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