Glosta Joe's 

Wake Up & Say Arrr

You can now purchase bags of Glosta Joe's Coffee at Sea Meadow Gifts & Garden in Essex, and Pauline's Gifts From the Heart in Gloucester

Who We Are

Glosta Joe's, the 12 oz bouncing bundle of caffeinated joy was born in late March of 2012. Not only did the parents of Glosta Joe's, Larry & Misti, not remember the saying, "Beware the Ides Of March" but they also had no idea what "Ides" meant anyhow

Throwing caution to the sea, along with the predictions of the Myans impending doom, they started Glosta Joe's in Gloucester  (pronounced;GLAW-stuh), Massachusetts

Glosta Joe's is roasted with Coffee Beans that carry the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval and are Fair Trade Certified!  (Meaning no polar bears, lobstahs, or fishermen      

 were harmed in the roasting of this coffee)

         don't just sit there!

             click here to

         wake up & say ARRR!

                     Why Us?

Why not us?

Glosta Joe's supports local talent and vendors

Respects the name and legend that is Gloucester.

Misti & Larry are coffee lovers and drinkers just like you!

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